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Modell: DM067
Tillverkare: Moon
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The coolest bunch of little decals on the planet!
These decals are not the standard pick-n-stick types. They are similar to dry-transfers, where you cut the sticker you want to use from the sheet, place it on the surface where you want it to go, and rub (with a burnisher or pencil) the top to "transfer" the decal onto the surface. Once it's on, simply lift the sheet slowly away from the decal and all that remains is the decal. The main difference is the decals are thicker than dry-transfers.

There are 32 actual decals on this sheet! To give you an idea on the size of each one, the decal sheet is about 3.75" x 6.50" (95x165mm) in size.

One row of "MOON Equipped" logos (4 of them)
Three colors (White, Black, Yellow) with "Go! with MOON!" in text.
The second to the last row of decals has MOONEYES RACING DIV. (division) in text around the MOON logo.
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