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UTFÖRSÄLJNING - MSD Progammable Dis-2 Ignition Box

UTFÖRSÄLJNING - MSD Progammable Dis-2 Ignition Box
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Modell: MSD-6212
Tillverkare: MSD
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MSD Progammerbar Dis-2 Plus Tändbox, Digital, för fördelarlösa 4 Cyl, med två coilpacks.
MSD"s CD circuits work with state-of-the-art IGBT coil drivers to deliver a spark with 190 mj of spark energy! 
Below 3,300 rpm, there is series of multiple sparks that burns in the cylinder for 20° producing a smooth idle 
with great throttle response. 
•Individual Cylinder Timing: Maximize the performance of each cylinder to compensate for differing
 dynamics  in airflow and other variances. 
•Launch Timing Curve: Program a separate timing curve exclusively for the launch! 
•Boost Timing Curve: For turbo or superchargered applications an optional MAP sensor can be
 installed so you can  control the ignition timing in relation to boost pressure
•Multi-Step Retard: Three separate stages of retard can be activated by either rpm or a separate activation wire
•Gear RPM and Retards: Program a different rpm shift point for each gear as well as a retard for
 every gear change
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